In the digital age, innovation is almost synonymous with technology, but at its core, manufacturing is driven by human capital and relationships. In fact, manufacturing takes place at the center of customers, the workforce, and supply chain partners. To usher the industry into the modern era, we have to go back to its roots.

Manufacturers are connecting in unprecedented ways through both technology solutions and networking on a national and global stage. The result: an industry ripe with opportunity.This series entitled “The Brotherhood of American Manufacturing” will analyze the transformation happening within the industry and explain what it means for stakeholders at every level.

The nature of supply chain relationships has dramatically shifted in the last few decades. Learn more about the changing relationships and dependencies within the industrial parts network and how end users became flooded with the physical stock that OEM manufacturers once held upstream.

Just-in-time manufacturing has evolved as players within the manufacturing world attempt to streamline processes, reduce downtime, and eliminate physical inventory — not only for raw materials, but also for industrial parts and components used by their machines in their production processes.