Industrial inventory solutions

MI Marketplace (maximum returns)

MI Marketplace is the live platform where Buyers and Sellers list or find the parts that they need, find unbiased information and connect and transact with one another without the added cost of a middleman or distributor. Numerous listing and search tools, reminders and forecasts are available to help connect active Buyers with motivated Sellers.

MI Bulk (maximum velocity)

MI Bulk helps Sellers move excess inventory quickly in bulk. Specialists from the MI Team manage the process for customers by utilizing MI Advantage, capitalizing on the best available options to meet customer’s timeline. Specialists access a range of buyers including end users, premium ecommerce sites such as MI Marketplace and, lesser ecommerce sites and a multitude of outlets in the US and abroad.

MI Analytics

MI Analytics is a set of “big data” tools which gathers relevant and current data from proprietary and public sources, analyzes that data to then help both Buyers and Sellers make better inventory decisions.

MI Team

Account managers comprise the MI Team, providing a concierge service to facilitate the selling or buying process, reduce customer’s workload and meet customer’s stated objectives.

MI API (In development)

MI API integrates into customer’s accounting and inventory software to facilitate and expedite the selling and buying process in accordance with customer’s normal systems and processes.

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