MI Marketplace

E-commerce solutions for moving your excess inventory

You have excess inventory cluttering your storeroom and weighing down the books. You looked at the existing options like traditional liquidation, disposal, or classifieds but they all have low returns or take too much specialized work. We understand this problem. Manufacturers’ Inventory was created to provide a way to move your surplus MRO supplies with ease and return 65% - 85% of the value back to you.

The Manufacturers’ Inventory marketplace can generate great returns by allowing you to sell directly to other manufacturers that need your parts. We handle creating the listing, recommending a price, and making sure that the listing is easy for buyers to find. A worldwide audience will have the ability to purchase your surplus inventory. The Manufacturers’ Inventory QuickList tool makes it easy for sellers to load their products into the store.

As a seller you can create an account and upload your spare parts. We’ll handle analyzing it and adding it to the marketplace. Once you’ve uploaded your parts and approved the pricing the marketplace presents the parts and related data to buyers through an easy to use e-commerce store. Buyers purchase directly from sellers in the marketplace and every product is backed by a seven day dead on arrival warranty. When your part sells you’ll be notified via an email that will contain the shipping information.

Getting started with MI is easy! All you need to do is fill out the parts manifest and follow these steps.

  • You send us a list of excess parts you wish to list for sale online. The list contains at minimum: Manufacturer Part Number, Quantity, and Manufacturer.
  • We’ll analyze and process your list using our QuickList technology.
  • You review your listings and edit suggested pricing to activate your listings.
  • You are notified when a product is sold and instructed on how to ship it to the buyer.
  • Collect your portion of the sale.

Register today to start selling or email info@mfrinv.com for assistance.